Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Topical Tuesday: Seriously, those two guys didn't know what was going on?

A few weeks ago, Charles Ramsay (most refreshing interview ever) found little girls trapped and held captive by Ariel Castro.  What I don't get from this story is that Ariel Castro was living with two guys (his brothers I believe) and the two guys claim they never knew what was going on in the TEN FREAKING YEARS Ariel Castro was doing this.


I have only lived with my boyfriend for about 5 years and that dude cannot hide shit from me, let alone try to hide PEOPLE from me.  My boyfriend tried to hide cookies from me (he was trying to go on a diet and he hid in a high cabinet, somewhere that I don't go very often because I'm short and/or need a ladder to reach said cookies) and it didn't work. You know why? Because he had crumbs all over the place. Granted, he's not a criminal by any means but if he's having a hard time hiding COOKIES, imagine trying to hide a person. Not even a person, THREE WOMEN! One of whom had a miscarriage.

What. THE. EFF.

I call bullshit on those two guys who claim 'they never knew what was going on.' Perhaps if it was in another house, MAYBE, I might believe in their claims but in the same HOUSE? Yeah, right.  They guys are just as guilty as Castro. Even if they didn't do any abuse to their girls, their knowledge of their existence in the house means they are approving of Castro's behavior.  I hope they get the crap they deserve.

What do you think?

On a different note, I love this song and this music video. Although when it went to black at the end of the music, I was like "is that the end?" Very Soprano-like of them.

The End.

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