Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why is the bunny trying to kill itself?

So my schedule is pretty jam packed. I get up typically at 6am because I either have chiropractor appointment, a nutritionist appointment, a haircut, a car appointment, I try to take my dog to day care sometimes or a swim class. Sometimes I have to go to work early for a shoot.

Yesterday, I slept in (with the intention of going to spin class or a bike ride) to sweet sweet time of 8am...and thought, I'll just do biking after work, the days are lasting longer.

I get out of work and get home around 645pm. Sun is still out. Take out the dogs and then sit on my butt for like 15 minutes to not think about anything for 15 minutes...because I like to do that sometimes. I dressed up in my biking gear and propped my bike on my bike rack. Then I went back home and sat on my butt again thinking about nothing again. Finally, at 730pm, decided to go on my bike ride (I did all those preemptive things so I wouldn't talk myself out of the bike ride).

40 minute bike ride is scheduled. I did a 120 minute bike ride on Saturday and my @ss was still hurting from that ride so I was like 'greeeeeaaat". Do you get a great butt from biking even though you're just sitting the entire time? I hope so. Anyway, it was getting dark and I had taken off the blinking lights off my bike (I had all this commuter stuff on my bike and my training mentor was like "take all that crap off. It's weighing you down") and now I can't see a damn thing. As I was riding (the W&OD trail for peeps who are curious), this deer bounds out! And then 3 more deer bound out. The first thing I thought was LYME DISEASE! AHHH. Then I thought, good thing I didn't die and run them over...am I supposed to speed up or is that just in a car? But as I pass the crossing where the deer where bounding out, there was like 80 of them there! Whaaaat.

I continue riding, getting darker still and it starts to sprinkle. Well, great. Then bugs start hitting my face (turns out, we were in the beginning stages of a thunderstorm) then as I'm starting to gain speed, this RABBIT bounds out last minute. I mean, dude, couldn't you bound out like 5 minutes before? Must you wait for me till I'm about 2 seconds from hitting you? I turn around (as I hit my 20 minute mark) and the same damn bunny bounds out AGAIN and runs back to the side it originated from. Dude.

I finish my bike ride without roadkill and without eating a bug. I cross off my workout from my calendar. Success.

Only 5 more weeks to go.

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