Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Writing Christmas cards

So it's been 6 months since I've written in this blog. I wish there was a way for Siri to take down blog entries for me (even though I don't have an Iphone) and then I could re-edit, then I would definitely be dedicated to writing to this blog more often.

Here's what has happened since my last entry in July:

1. New job in McLean. Yay!
2. New MINI Cooper. Yay!
3. New bigger and awesomer apartment with the boyfriend. Yay!
4. Got Comic Con 4 day passes for 2012. Yay!
5. Training for a triathlon. Um.... (but yay for raising the funds for beating blood cancers)
6. My dogs are alive and healthy. Yay!
7. New big-ass TV. Yay!
8. Seeing a chiropractor because I thought I had carpal tunnel. Yay?

Ok. I think that's it for now. I will say, even though these are exciting new changes, they are freaking stressful and it took me awhile to get things balanced and stuff.

Triathalon training: So. This crap is hard. Like hard. It's only been my first month and its still hard. Does it get any easier? Also, it doesn't help that I mis-read the schedule. On Sundays, it says to either run or swim...and I thought it said to run AND swim....and I'm doing a bit of side training for the Princess Half Marathon in Disney World, so two weeks ago, I ran 5 miles and then went swimming for half an hour, then I went to spin class the next day, then to swim practice the next morning. By Wednesday I was out for the count and slept for like 14 hours. Lo and behold, I've been doing a bit too much. So, come January, I'm going to try this crap again and try to do it properly.

So, I was writing Christmas cards (or holiday cards) and I was thinking that, other than my co-workers, these were friends that I knew for almost a decade or more and how lucky I am to have these friends to write cards to. However, I haven't written Christmas cards or mailed them since my 20s. I remember when I was younger, writing cards was no big deal. I'm going to do them this year and be the good ol' friend I used to be. I'm a good ol' friend, right?

Well, I write in them, seal them (and the bf stamped them with our address with glee, having a new address stamp thingy)...then my hand was tired. Then I found I had to look up addresses. Then you'll never believe what else I had to do. I then had to WRITE these addresses? Then buy postage? Then mail them? This is a lot of work! Like, this didn't seem like work before, but now, all these little thingies I need to do to seem thoughtful and awesome is already tiring.

The only cards I have given out are to my coworkers. I went through all this effort to write personalized messages and....they read it in 2 seconds. Sigh. I should just sign all cards "you know you love/like/adore me and stuff" but I can't bring myself to not write something other than a signature.

So yeah. I haven't mailed anything yet. But I cannot put effort for writing (and trying to be funny and/or witty and/or thoughtful) to waste!

Oh well, perhaps I'll seem like a rebel if people receive them after January 1st. Or late. Like I am for everything. (Well, I'm late because my boyfriend is a dilly-dallier and takes forever for everything. Before him, I was very punctual)

Happy after Christmas before New Year's everyone!

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  1. Simon and I did some generic christmas cards this year, but we're hoping to someday do those snazzy, photo cards that all the cool kids are making these days. We're thinking we're going to do Valentine's Day cards, 'cause no one does those anymore. :) Shoot me your address if you'd like one!