Thursday, June 9, 2011

Triathalon jitters

So....I'm training for a triathalon.  Sort of.

To be honest, there's a part of me that wants to drop out because I haven't been following the schedule the past two weeks.  I've done most of the running (above and beyond what the schedule calls for because I was training for my half marathon that I finished this past Sunday).  I have not ridden my bike ONCE and I've been to swim practice twice.

However, I will say it's not because I'm at home, sitting on my ass thinking about not going to triathalon training. I drove up to Boston to get to a wedding (because my boyfriend and I couldn't bear not to see our friends get married...especially since this is one of the few weddings that he isn't the "plus 1" since we both know the couple) and then haul ass and drive 7 hours to Annapolis for my 7am start time for the Zooma race.  So the week leading up to that (which I DID go to swim practice) and the few days after that weekend (today), I am just exhausted.

So now that I've missed the first two weeks, I wonder if I should drop out.  Here is my list of Pros and Cons:

Pros to stay with Triathalon Training:
--I have the running bit down.  A 10k just seems so much relaxing than a half marathon
--I have already raised more than half of my fundraising minimum in the first week of triathalon training
--I have 3 honored teammates that I said I would do this in honor of them
--Hopefully, I can lose some weight
--Chad said he might train with me (and do an October sprint tri with me in Gettysburg)

Cons to stay with Triathalon Training (and give up)
--Dude, it is freaking HOT/HAWT out here
--I have yet to ride my bike
--I haven't been consistently doing my training per training sheet like I should be
--I don't have a car yet, so getting to practices is costing me a fortune
--It's early enough that I can drop out and not feel like I wasted time....
--I am the worst swimmer on the team

So basically, now that I'm looking at my list, mostly me freaking out about not being able to practice enough.  I have 94 days left.  Is there enough time to get in triathalon shape? September 11 doesn't seem very far away, to be honest.

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