Thursday, June 2, 2011

Overwhelmed Mcwhelmingson

I'm a bit overwhelmed with life a bit.  So much so, I broke down and bought one of those dorky At-A-Glance calendars to keep everything straight.  Because of the overwhelmingness, as well, I have lost my metro card (twice), my work badges (yes, plural), got a speeding ticket, forgotten my towel for the gym (I tried shaking like a dog in the shower, didn't work, so used my yoga pants) and for swim practice (used my t-shirt to dry off), and my umbrella (in which Chad found a replica on ebay and rebought for me! Best boyfriend ever?)

Here's a breakdown in the life of ME! YES ME DAMMIT! LOOK AT ME!! SEE ME!! (Sorry, this was inspired by a person I know who just constantly needs attention at her. I wanted to try it out to see how it felt. I could see why she does this all the time, I feel better about myself.)

1. Half Marathon Training:  Thankfully, this is coming to a close.  A bizarre season I must say and I totally did not train for this as much as I should have.  I'm doing two in the month of June (ZOOMA Annapolis and Rock N' Roll Seattle) so, I'm thinking of it as a half marathon and then tapering for the other half marathon.  This would free up my schedule considerably but then....

2. Triathalon Training: I took the crazy pills and decided to do triathalon training and I'm already exhausted.  I started writing an entry about my first swim practice (which I may or may not publish) and how overwhelmed I was but that would be lying---because that indicates past tense. I am STILL overwhelmed.  And the only thing I sort of have down pat, is the running bit.  I haven't even sat on my bike yet for training (I have ridden it four times...two of those times to the dentist because I was too cheap to get a Zipcar).  Anyway, this schedule is crazier than the running schedule!  I think this one Triathalon will be it. One and DONE.  Also, today marks the 100 days until my triathlon. Yep, have a countdown calendar too, so I can freak out daily. 

3. Sign Language Course:  I was sent this Groupon by a deaf friend of mine (I had told her interpreter/fiance that I wanted to learn) because I decided I needed something to do on my ONE day off from Triathalon training (which is Fridays).  I was dreading going to the first class last week, thinking what an idiot I was to sign up for this, why was I going---I have like 1 deaf friend--- and maybe I should just eat the money...but then the class was AWESOME.  I had a great time and was really inspired.  The hour blew by and I can't wait till my next class.  I'm only taking the first four introductory classes but will probably take a full blown semester course when my schedule is not so crazy.

The main reason I wanted to take sign language? I have met enough deaf people out in public (at a restaurant or at a subway) and I always wanted to know what they were saying OR be the cool girl who is talking and doesn't look like I know sign language and then BAM, my hands are  talking to you.  Yes, for the few moments of surprise factor to deaf people, I wanted to learn sign.  Also, I suck at all other languages, here's a chance to redeem myself.

4. We have a new puppy: This means puppy class, puppy maintenance and puppy daycare.  A lot of shuttling, a lot of patience.  Last week our puppy had the runs and we live on the 25th floor, so needless to say, we have gone through almost 3 bottles of spot and odor cleaner.  I will say Cricket is improving on holding his bladder, so good for Cricket.  There are definitely results with us trying to keep a consistent schedule.  Daycare is also the best thing ever because he comes home so tired.  One night I had to carry his limp little body to his crate because he was so pooped.

5.  Odds and ends: buying a new car, out of town friends, two weddings to go to, vet appointments, dinner reservations, our cavies, cleaning the apartment so I don't eat my arm, and the boyfriend complaining that I'm always tired ('tis true.  I'll come home and go straight to bed, sometimes fully clothed).

I'm not complaining but I really need to pare down things in order to appreciate my activities fully instead of having it be "another thing that has to be done".

So right now, I'm half assing everything but once the running training has lifted up and the Sign Language course is over, I should be fully assing everything appropriately.

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