Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I lied to my dog walker...

I just didn't feel like being judged about putting our poor Rocky to sleep.

We put Rocky to sleep on a Monday morning.  Tuesday morning, we took Evie to the groomers...so bf called the dogwalker and said there was no need for him to come in.  Wednesday, when the dogwalker came to pick up the dogs, bf says "Rocky's not here right now, you can take Evie."  Thursday rolls around and bf says "Rocky is at a friend's place."

At this point, I was hoping that bf would break the news to dogwalker about Rocky's fate.  Bf just kept putting it off (as is usual MO).  Finally, I asked "Are you not telling dogwalker because you think he will judge you---or us?" and bf said "yes".

I don't know if YOU know but people are extremely judgmental about dogs.  How to train them, how to feed them, how to think about them and most of all, when you should put them to sleep. Also almost every trainer thinks they know more than the other one and THEIR method is the best method.   This particular week, I didn't want an argument on how, when and why we came to the decision we came to.  It wasn't like one day we said "let's put him to sleep".  It was countless debates, inquiries and conversations with ourselves, with the vet, with his trainer and with the rescue and they ALL said the same thing independently.  It was uncanny. And imagine having to explain to all the classes why we had to drop out and get a refund.  At some point, I just started sending the link to my blog.  Having to repeat myself and defend myself is aggravating and tiresome.  I wonder if parents have this much trouble about raising children?

Anyway, since BF FAILED to tell the dogwalker of what happened to Rocky. I took upon myself to tell dogwalker what happened to Rocky.  But I'll tell him over the weekend or maybe on Monday.  Yes, so I too, waited about a week later to tell our dogwalker**

**Sidenote: I had a long distance friend ask me "Why the heck are you hiring a dog walker? Don't you run half marathons or something?"  I have to explain that our dogwalker comes in the middle of the afternoon since I work 9 hour days.  I take my dogs for a walk in the morning (a short one) and a longer one at night.  So yes, my doggies have the luxury of a mid-afternoon hour jaunt with our dogwalker.  

The other reason I waited to tell our dogwalker is because we had a new prospect puppy on the horizon.  It's a long story how it came about (we were "browsing" for dogs, not necessarily "looking") but we were contacted that there was a dog that may be a good fit for our family.  Bf jumped at the chance to adopt, but I, on the other hand had mixed feelings about the situation.  I wanted to spend the day with him before I made the ultimate decision to have another life in my hands.

His rescue name is "Bandit".  However, when we saw his picture, we decided we would either name him "Gus" or "Pippen" depending on his personality and depending if Evie and I liked him.  We took him to a West Virginia state park and it was a great match.  Bandit aka Gus aka Pip was the antithesis of Rocky.  He was very curious, very energetic and extremely friendly and happy.  He always has a doggie smile and he became very attached to us very quickly.

We decided to adopt him later that afternoon and took him home with us.  Well, now I really couldn't hold off on the dogwalker.  I called the dogwalker Monday morning.  I completely lied and said that Rocky found a new better home (because the apartment was too stressed out for him, which is completely true) out in the country with an elderly couple.  Dogwalker didn't seem fazed and said "Yeah, Rocky did seem pretty stressed " (You have no idea! He doesn't know about the biting incidents, the training and the seminars since I barely see him during the day.  Our dogwalker is an older man who just to be a milkman, so he would probably think going to seminars is silly) and I said "Yeah....but we still wanted another dog, so we got another dog and today, you'll be walking two...."

And we decided his name is neither Bandit nor Gus nor Pippen.

His name is Cricket. And here he is.

Next time on my blog....Meet Cricket and his backstory...


  1. Yes - people are very judgemental about dogs but I think that's because everyone has a method they feel works - same as with all the trainers, etc. you talked to. Just keep in mind that everyone just wants to help - not necessarily judging you. I know you did not come to the hard decision easily. The new pup is adorable - best of luck!

  2. Cricket is a CUTIE! I want to meet him (and Evie too). Re the judging thing, people are the same about kids (sigh).

  3. Yes to your question about kids. but also yes to your friend, Meg-- they're not necessarily judging you (but it is sometimes), just trying to help with what they think works.

    Adorable! Cricket is an adorable name as well. Penny and I will want to meet him, too, of course. Oh, did lester tell you he wants to head out there in July?

  4. Oh honey, I'm super excited for you guys! He is adorable. :)

    As for being judged - everyone is always judging you (and me!). At the end of the day, you and C did the best you could and made a tough decision. It's no one's business but yours.