Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Rocky Road with Rocky the Corgi, (supposed to be pt 1)

I knew that when I got older and a little more comfy with my living space and my financial situation, I would get dogs.  I always wanted to get corgis and my bf always wanted to get Labradors (Retrievers, Chocolate, whichever).  My cousin, who has two corgis, found the perfect match for me and sent me the link.  It turns out that a rescue had a corgi-mix named Kisses, and I knew once I met her, I had to have her.  So we got Kisses and renamed her Evie (which she took to very quickly.  I think she hated the name Kisses too. My kind of dog).  Evie had a semi-shaky start the first two weeks, but soon enough, she settled in and loved her new family.

After about 6 months or so, I enrolled Evie into some classes and hired a dog walker...anything to keep her happy and safe, because I'm just an overachiever like that.  Then I thought, perhaps she needs a buddy.  Evie HATES dog parks (we took her once, and she never left my side or would hide underneath my legs. No more dog parks for Evie), but she's ok with her walking buddy, a labrador retriever named Bailey.  So perhaps she does better with a one-on-one situation without all the crazy activity that happens at a dog park.

So the bf and I start looking on Petfinder, and lo and behold. There he was.  A Pembroke Welsh Corgi (purebred) who needed a family.  His name is Rocky.

The description indicated that Rocky had "previous troubles" at his former home and he was a serious thoughtful guy.  He was tiny (I thought corgis were bigger but then again, maybe because I'm judging off of Evie) and he was living in a foster home in West Virginia.  I put in an application for Rocky and got a phone interview from the Tri-State Corgi Rescue.  Immediately, I could tell the interviewer liked me.  I guess it was the things I was saying (I had already adopted a corgi-mix rescue, I had hired a dog walker. I want to put him in classes) that thought we were the right family.  She indicated a few red flags:
      1.  He was on Prozac
      2.  He didn't like to be brushed or nails clipped, so she aced him
           (Acepromamine, something like that, a tranquilizer)
      3.  He was nervous around other dogs and whined when he saw them
      4.  Food possessive and a resource guarder

However, there were some positives, that I liked:

     1. He is crate trained and potty trained
     2. He LOVES to play tug and fetch (Evie doesn't tug nor fetch, to bf's dismay)
     3. He takes well to commands 
     4. And look at his face! One of the cutest dogs on the planet.

So after some discussion with the bf and time we could dedicate to Rocky (put him in classes, feed him from hand to deal with food possessiveness, play games and classical music to calm him down...) we decided we would trek to West Virginia (4-5 hour drive) pick up Rocky and bring him home with us.  

When we got to the foster home in WV, Rocky was in his little crate and he looked up at us with puppy dog eyes.  There were other dogs in their other crates who looked on as Rocky did a little dance that he was out and there were new people to greet!  We took him in our rental car, with his prescription of Prozac and Ace and drove 4-5 hours back home (poor Evie).

We get home around midnight and take Evie out to meet Rocky on neutral ground. It did NOT go well.  Rocky went BALLISTIC! (I had Rocky and BF had Evie across the street).  Evie, protecting her owners started barking at him to calm down.  I, clueless about this reaction, put him down in an alpha roll and tried to calm him down.   Bf went back upstairs with Evie and I walked Rocky around to drain a little of his energy.  Maybe it was because he was in the car so long?  Maybe it was because Evie was a bigger dog? 

Maybe I just make a big mistake?

I finally took Rocky upstairs (after calling the BF and telling him to put Evie into the bedroom) and  created a fort (out of M-Audio speakers) for Rocky at the corner of the house until I can figure out he and Evie could get along.

The next morning, Rocky had JUMPED over the fort (WHA?) and he and Evie were just lounging around like nothing had ever happened.  So bizarre.  So I made this fort for nothing?

I take him out for a walk and again, goes ballistic seeing other dogs. Oh my. What have I gotten myself into?  Bf starts shaking his head, this was more than he bargained for....

To be continued.....

*Edit note:  I intended to make this post a 3 part series and going got to stop at part 1 as I had to put him to sleep.  I'll probably have some anecdotes about him in the future but will no longer continue the 3 parter and end on this post.