Friday, April 22, 2011

Introduction, again

Hello everyone...all 3 of you.

I've actually had this blog for awhile but didn't post anything because I just couldn't think of clever name for it nor a particular topic that would be the focus of this blog. So I just sat on it until something excellent came up. Then I thought, well, that's why I have yet to make a movie. I haven't thought of anything clever or good enough to shoot, so the thought of wanting to do it sits in my mind. If I'm going to go at the same rate of writing this blog at the same rate of making my movie, this blog would be blank for decades.

So let's start small. Let's start with one damned entry and take it from there.

Since I can't think of a particular theme (weight loss, foodie, my doggies, etc) to keep people coming back, here's a list of things that I will PROBABLY write about (in no particular order):

Doggies (particularly MY doggies...wherein my boyfriend calls them "doggers")
Oh, my boyfriend
Things I hate
People I hate (or really really dislike)
Things that annoy me
Training for either a triathalon or a half marathon
MAYBE politics and/or religion (don't want the crazies coming here)

To break it down:

Movies: I have a degree in film and television. Although this does not necessarily make me an expert, it makes me a person obsessed with the format. I believe that the more movies or television (or media for that matter) you see, the more of a good taste barometer you may have. I know plenty of people who know what a "good film" is but still love "bad movies" (hello boyfriend). I also know of people who have only seen romantic comedies and action movies and hence, anything not following that formula must 'be bad'. Long story short, I almost always have an opinion of such matters and like to advertise that my opinion is better than yours and will think you are also a genius if you agree with my opinion and an idiot if you don't agree with my opinion.

If you change my opinion, then you must have magical powers and I may expose your magical powers to....the magical power league. I don't know what the magical power league would do other than play Dungeons and Dragons and/or Cthulu. People who play Dungeons and Dragons and/or Cthulu are biased anyway and hence, my opinion will remain unchanged. In the end, I'm just right. Brava to me.

Doggies: I love corgis but I'm not picky. I love both the cardis and the pembrokes but I just happen to have pembrokes because those were the ones at the rescue (What up to Friends of Homeless Animals and Tri State Corgi Rescue! whut whut). Oh, and I love labradors, some terriers, retrievers and mutts. As a new pet parent, I'm finding it to be a lot more work than I anticipated and will probably communicate as such.

My boyfriend: He's really tall. Like really tall. Probably why I like corgis...because I feel like a corgi standing next to him ( I shed a lot, am stubby and short). Also, he's always finding himself in sticky situations which is fun to document.

Things I hate: Because who doesn't like a good vent every now and then? Current thing I hate? Allergies. I KILL YOU ALLERGIES!

People I hate (or really really dislike): Because who doesn't like a good vent every now and then? Current thing I dislike? Whippersnappers. (To be documented in a later entry)

Things that annoy me: Right now, people who think television and intelligence are mutually exclusive. Just because I watch Fringe doesn't mean I don't read books either. That sentence doesn't even make sense nor does that logic! It's double negatives everywhere! AHHHHHHHH.

Eating: I'm considered a "foodie" amongst many of my friends. But, I just like good food and will experiment to find it. Also, I'm a cheater with eating as in, I have friends who ARE genuine foodies and typically pass off the information as if I was the actual person to have found the place. But alas, most places I discover and give my stamp of approval are either recommended to me by a friend, yelp or a blog. And no, I gave up on trying stuff that Food Network recommends. Sorry Food Network.

Traveling: One of the biggest reasons I will never have children but also one of the most important things that I think people should do: travel. We are more than our own culture.

Training for either a triathalon or a half marathon: So I'm currently in training for a half marathon. I start training for a triathalon in about a month. I am terrified, I am fat and I am probably going to be the slowest one. So watch out for entries about my fat triathalon training. Yay.

MAYBE politics and/or religion (don't want the crazies coming here): I will always listen to every side but sometimes one side just sounds crazy and I have a hard time paying attention.

Lists: Because lists are awesome. And also because I'm too lazy to think of anything clever (like a theme for this blog, a title for this blog or a movie).

Speaking of which, if you have a snazzy theme or title, let me know in the comments. Or you can silently stalk me. Whichever.

The End.


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